2017 California Tax Forms

PDQForms These are the California forms supported for 2017, with links to their instructions. Just click the link to download the instructions for a form. If separate instructions aren't shown for a form, they're part of the form.


    ca540       Instr    Resident Income Tax Return

    ca5402ez    Instr.      Resident Income Tax Return


    ca540ca     Instr    California Adjustments - Residents

    ca540d      Instr        Capital Gain or Loss Adjustment

    ca540es     Instr    2018 Estimated Tax for Individuals

    ca3519               Payment for Automatic Extension for Individuals w Worksheet & Instr

    ca3525               Substitute for Form W-2

    ca3532      Instr    Head of Household Filing Status

    ca3805p     Instr    Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans

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